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 anchors, Kernel
 bottom, Rect
 bound, RectPQ
 channel, Image
 Column Functions
 Connected Components functions
 Constructors and Destructors
 fill, Rect
 h, Image
 HitMiss, HitMissElement
 HitMiss Operation
 hitMissCircle, HitMissElement
 hitMissElement, HitMissElement
 hitMissElement2, HitMissElement
 hitMissElementDelete, HitMissElement
 hitMissRectangle, HitMissElement
 image, Image
 imageClone, Image
 imageDelete, Image
 imageDrawRect, Image
 imageGet, Image
 imageGrayGet, Image
 imageGraySet, Image
 imageReadPGM, Image
 imageSavePGM, Image
 imageSet, Image
 kernel, Kernel
 kernelDelete, Kernel
 left, Rect
 matrix, Kernel
 n_channels, Image
 obstacles, RectPQ
 OpenCV convertions
 Priority Queue Functions
 quality, RectPQ
The x and y anchors define the center of the kernel.
y coordinate of the bottom-right corner
bound to be searched in the maximal white rectangles
Rect *ccGetAndLabelConnectedComponentsBBox(Image *img,
Matrix **rectMatrix)
Extract the connected components’ boxes from the image and builds a mtr that ‘labels’ the components, giving fast access to a pixels’ corresponding Rect.
Rect *ccGetConnectedComponentsBBox(Image *img)
Extract the connected components’ boxes from the image.
Matrix *ccLabelConnectedComponents(Image *img,
int *num_components)
Label the connected components of an image using a UnionFind approach.
Matrix **channel
Vector of the channels that compose the image
Column *column(int x1,
int y1,
int x2,
int y2,
Column *next)
Creates a new Column
A column in the document
Column *columnGetPageColumns(Image *img,
Rect *characters,
int n_tries,
double (*quality) (Rect *r),
int (*columnClassifier) (Rect *, Rect *))
Finds at maximum n_tries from the page.
int columnIsColumnSeparator(Rect *r,
Rect *characters)
Checks if a Rect is a column separator.
double columnQuality(Rect *r)
Returns a quality to use with the rectMaximalWhiteRectangles.
Image **columnSplitImageByColumns(Image *img,
Column *col,
int *n_sections)
Split the image in separate column images.
IplImage *convertImage(Image *img)
Converts an Image to the IplImage used in OpenCV.
Image *convertIplImage(IplImage *img)
Converts an IplImage to the Image type of smartreader.
void convolution(Image *img,
Kernel *k)
Does the convolution of the image img with the Kernel k
double fill
Used in some connected components functions.
int h
Height of the image
void HitMiss(Image *src,
Image *dest,
HitMissElement *se)
Do the HitMiss operation in a 8-bit unsigned binary image.
HitMissElement *hitMissCircle(int radius)
Create a circular structuring element with the specified radius
HitMissElement *hitMissElement(Matrix *m)
Creates a new HitMissElement.
typedef Kernel HitMissElement
A Structuring element used in the HitMiss operation.
HitMissElement *hitMissElement2(Matrix *m,
int anchorx,
int anchory)
Creates a new HitMissElement with a pre defined center.
void hitMissElementDelete(HitMissElement *se)
Creates a new HitMissElement.
HitMissElement *hitMissRectangle(int w,
int h)
Create a rectangular structuring element
Image *image(int width,
int height,
int n_channels)
Creates a new image
The image type used in smartreader
Image *imageClone(Image *img)
Returns a clone of img.
void imageDelete(Image *img)
Delete the image
void imageDrawRect(Image *img,
Rect *r,
Color color,
int filled)
Draws all the Rects in a IplImage using color.
int imageGet(Image *img,
int i,
int j,
int n)
Gets the value at position i, j from a the n-th channel of the image.
int imageGrayGet(Image *img,
int i,
int j)
Gets the value at position i, j from a gray image.If the parameters are invalid returns 0.
void imageGraySet(Image *img,
int i,
int j,
int value)
Sets the value at position i, j from a gray image
Image *imageReadPGM(char *path)
Reads a PGM image from path.
void imageSavePGM(Image *img,
char *path)
Save an image to the file system
void imageSet(Image *img,
int i,
int j,
int n,
int value)
Sets the value at position i, j in the n-th channel of an image
void imgRLSAH(Image *img,
int C)
Do a horizontal run-lenght smoothing algorithm
Kernel *kernel(Matrix *values,
int anchorx,
int anchory)
Creates a new kernel to be used with a convolution or hit and miss operation.
A kernel used by convolution and morphology operators.
void kernelDelete(Kernel *k)
Deletes a kernel created by another function
x coordinate of the top-left corner
Matrix *matrix
The kernel matrix with
int n_channels
Number of channels in the image
The next Rect in the list
The next element in the queue
obstacles to be avoided inside the bound
double quality
The quality of the element.